What is the role of a flower girl during a wedding?

During a wedding the attention of everyone is directed towards the young couple which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. However, some people simply fail to notice how important for this day is the role of other people. After all, without them the wedding would never come into existence. One of such roles is definitely the one of a flower girl. Maybe it’s because of the fact that this person is not an adult yet, but the more probable reason for this lack of credit is because people don’t have any idea what is the role of a flower girl during a wedding.

What we should do first is to explain what precisely a flower girl does during a wedding. Her role is to toss flower petals under the feet of the young couple once they leave the church. The whole point of doing so is to simply improve the visuals of the ceremony. Although it is neither a difficult nor a necessary task during a wedding, those that decided to have a flower girl during their ceremony will reap the benefits years later when watching photographs. The difference is really great so taking into consideration the fact that a flower girl doesn’t cost you a thing you should always have one on your wedding.

After clarifying what is the role of a flower girl during a wedding, let us now talk a bit about things you should do and things you shouldn’t do as a person responsible for the flowers. You should always have a child to fulfill the role of a flower girl. Asking an adult to take that task is not only humiliating for him but it will also look terribly. The same goes even for teenagers. If there is no small girl in your family it is even allowed to ask a friend who has such a child if they could come over and throw these petals. The petals themselves should be gathered and not bought. Not only does it reduce the costs but it is also symbolical as an effort was put to make you walk on a flower carpet. Just remind the flower girl that she should be tossing petals in front of you, not on you and your partner.

Regrettably, many wedding guests don’t know what is the role of a flower girl during a wedding and they tend to belittling her. In order to aid that problem, you can have her wear one of the bridesmaid dresses. That will make her as important and visible as they are. \

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